About Bottoms Up Enemas

What began as a simple consumer search to find a disposable enema bottle as a convenient substitute for the traditional hanging enema bag turned into a specialty enema start-up company for BUE founder Laura.  Being a Registered Nurse with a personal interest in alternative health practices, Laura has personally used enema solutions to promote and maintain her own health for years.  She soon realized however, that the logistics of self-administering using a traditional enema bag was becoming increasingly difficult (think bathtubs and bathroom floors).


“I didn’t want a pre-mixed disposable enema, I wanted to be able to mix my own solutions such as coffee, aloe vera, or Himalayan salt, but use a small 8 oz squeezable bottle to do it.”  Using a disposable enema bottle allows the user to self-administer while lying on the bed, without managing tubing, clamps, hooks, and the risk of a major mess.  The problem was, there wasn’t anything like that on the market.


True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Laura immediately recognized a “duh” idea and set to work originating an all-inclusive disposable specialty enema kit that included an 8 oz bottle, and pre-packaged, organic, high-quality ingredients that all the end-user needed to do, was reconstitute with distilled water.  “If I’m looking for it and want it…then so do a hell of a lot of other people.”

Laura Davis, Owner & Founder

-I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and work as a Certified Wound Ostomy Specialist. I love the work I do. It satisfies my analytical, problem-solving, investigative nature, while cultivating a sense of compassion and interconnectedness with others. When I'm not functioning in a nursing role, I'm busy as an entrepreneur & writer. In addition to establishing Bottoms Up Enemas, I I am the creator of Gift of Service Greetings, and I've written fiction novels under the pen name of Elle Davis ( The Designer Series and A Part of Me in You).